Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

g1The primary emphasis of the Seminary is preparing persons, in an ecumenical setting, for ordained parish ministry, counseling, and higher education. The Seminary offers other aids to understanding the church’s faith and calling, including scholarly resources as well as opportunities for continuing education. The Seminary Library that houses thousands of books and journals provides an excellent resource for studies and research. The seminary also has the Dr. Mrs. Elizabeth Chandy Memorial Computer Centre, located in the library, which facilitates research on theology, sermons and other related topics of knowledge.

Through its teaching, scholarship, and community services, the Seminary seeks to nurture the formation of Christian identity, spiritual disciplines, and faith-based moral responsibility in keeping with awareness of the rich heritage, the resources and contemporary challenges.

Mission Statement

KUT SeminaryThe Seminary equips women and men of diverse backgrounds for the ministry and witness of Jesus Christ in the church and world. The primary focus of the curriculum is ministerial formation to face contemporary challenges. Theological education occurs through scholarship, research, reflection and life, balanced by community service and practical ministry experience. With a strong commitment to both academy and church, and through its innovative curriculum and renowned faculty, the Seminary upholds the highest academic standards to prepare leaders for church and society. It also upholds tolerant and neighborly approach to other faiths and cultures and committed for flourishing the creation.

The Church and Community

Chapel insideBeing a Seminary run by the Church of South India with an ecumenical outlook, the Seminary maintains highly tangible connections with the community around, especially with the churches in and around Thiruvananthapuram as well as Kerala. All opportunities are provided for the students for an active involvement in the ministry of the local churches, various organizations and the community around. Friday evenings and Sunday mornings are set apart for this ministerial involvement.