Programmes & Events

Debating Society

Debating-Society-KUT-Seminary (27)We have a space to interact socially relevant issues more than academic studies. Through the debating society we discus inter religions dialogs , contemporary issues like environmental problems such as pollution deforestation misuse natural resource global warming etc…Debating-Society-KUT-Seminary (86)
Abuserelating with women and children we are encountering social injustice approaches which from political and religious sects. We try to fight such type of social stigma in the light of theology a staff adviser from faculty leads with student representatives for this programme on going this programme every Thursday after noon.

Seminary Annual Lectures & Rev V T Kurien Memorial Lectures
Inter semester and V T Kurien Lectures are most important lecture occasion in our seminary we accommodate significant theological issues, political, national, and international threats against human being as well as universe. Eminent personalities who are leading.

Seminary Day Celebrations
We are conducting seminary day celebration on last month of academic year this whoop under the leadership of arts committee, also a place of individual and house prize distribution it is a stage to present creativity of our  students and other seminary.

Republic Day
We celebrate republic day as loyalty to the nation. This programme commence with morning worship conducted by the 1styear B D Students.

Onam Celebrations
It is an occasion of pleasure in our seminary, conducting by arts and sports committee .this celebration begin with different competitions individual and house base . we conclude this celebration with traditional onam feast.

Christmas Celebrations
Seminary celebrate Christmas occasion every 1st or 2nd week of December we prepare Christmas carol choir to singing we invite chief guest to deliver Christmas message seminary principal lead the programme.

Independence day
KUT SeminaryIndependence Day celebration conducted by B D 1st year Students with morning worship this occasion we try to affirm our commitment with our nation. We have been memories our freedom fighters, soldiers and pioneer national leaders.