Courses Offered

  1. B  MissKUT Seminary
  2. IBD
  3. Bachelor of Divinity (B D)
    The B D degree course is designed to equip persons for essential functions and ministries of the Church in India who could commend their faith with relevance in the context of a pluralistic world. It aims at an integrative and inter-disciplinary approach among the biblical, theological, historical and religious fields with involvement in practical aspects of life and ministry in the regional, social and cultural contexts of the sub-continent. It also ensures adequate grounding in the discipline of linguistics for study of texts and provides hermeneutical tools and skills for understanding and interpreting the context of ministry. It is three and half year to four years programme.
  4. Master of Theology (M Th)
    KUT SeminaryThe M.Th. degree programme is oriented towards equipping men and women at an academic level higher than that of B.D. programme for various ministries of the church. The contemporary challenges that the church in India faces in the context of religious awakening and cultural pluralism, the issues of poverty and justice, and the concerns raised by liberation movements call for a contextual and holistic approach to higher theological studies and paying attention to our heritage. The M.Th. curriculum is designed to include an integrative and interdisciplinary approach to study with due awareness to the need for specialization.Master of theology course is offered in eleven branches: Old Testament, New Testament, Christian Theology, Christian Ethics, History of Christianity, Religions, Christian Ministry, Communication, Social Studies, Women’s Studies and Missiology.It is two years programme. The main purpose of the programme is:

    • to train candidates for teaching in theological colleges
    • to equip candidates with adequate academic tools and skills for critical and methodological reflection as well as creative participation in the diversified ministries of the church
    • to develop such proficiency in the candidates so that they may engage in independent and contextual research which may lead to advanced study at the doctoral level
    • to promote interdisciplinary perspectives which will help to achieve the above purpose and lead to an integration of theological knowledge and thinking.
  5. Doctor of Theology (D Th)
    The D.Th. programme is an endeavor to promote advanced theological education and the formation and equipment of leadership personnel for the ministry and mission of the church in the world and for the Theological education of the church as a whole. Its main objective is to promote critical and creative research in specialized fields of knowledge related to the life, heritage and mission of the church as well as contextual Christian faith, and to advance the frontiers of knowledge. It encourages students to take seriously the legitimate aspirations of all people for justice, freedom, dignity and a life worthy of humanity; cultural, ideological and religious plurality of our society; ecumenical dimension of all Christian thinking in relation to the unity of the Church, the integrity of creation, unity of faith and sensitivity to all dimensions of our life; and the study of Asian languages, cultures, patterns of thought and behavior.It is a minimum of three years residential programme. The thesis can only be submitted after the completion of four years.

Special Courses

  1. Doctor of Ministry (D Min)
    KUT SeminaryThe degree is designed to enhance the professional competence of pastors and others engaged in some form of Christian ministry through an integrated process of study and practice. Its objectives are; to equip candidates with necessary academic and professional skills needed for the ministry; to make the candidate’s own ministerial involvement and experience as a basis for theological learning and reflection; and to provide tools to analyze the contemporary socio-political, religio-cultural contexts of the society and interpret their missiological implications for the Christian faith.It is an extension programme of the Senate conducted through seminars, collegiums and distance education training system. It is three years programme.
  2. Master of Ministry (M Min)
    The programme is meant for the continued education for pastors and others who are engaged in various forms of Christian ministry having a basic theological degree. It aims to provide an opportunity for ongoing disciplined learning for personal, spiritual and professional growth of the candidates within the context of his/her ministry; to develop necessary skills and tools to understand and interpret the socio-political, religio-cultural context of the Church and society and to identify issues implied therein; and to develop competence to deal with issues creatively and critically and engage in relevant and dynamic forms of ministry through personal, collegial and community participation. It is two years programme.
  3. M C S
  4. Bachelor of Christian Studies (B C S)
    KUT SeminaryThe degree is designed to provide Christian professionals and laity with academic skills for an in-depth understanding of Christian faith, history, doctrines and practical dimensions of ministry to interact with their neighbors and professional colleagues in their common quest for meaning of life. The course is intended to integrate theological education with the professional orientation of the students.It is also an extension education programme and is conducted through contact seminars. Some selected affiliated colleges are permitted to enroll students and conduct seminars. It is four years programme.
  5. Diploma in Christian Studies (Dip C S)
    The diploma is introduced for the benefit of people of all faiths to study Christianity as a religion, to understand its faith, history and practices through private study. The course is designed to provide a specifically Christian perspective for the study of Christianity, to show the essential unity as well as diversity of the Christian faith, to study history of Christianity in India as an integral part of Indian social, cultural and political unity, to interpret Christian faith in its struggles to meet the contemporary challenges to be relevant and contextual, and to promote inter-faith harmony for peaceful co-existence among various religious communities in India.It is an extension education programme and is conducted through contact seminars. Some selected affiliated colleges too are permitted to enroll students and conduct seminars. It is two years programme.
  6. Diploma in Clinical Pastoral Counseling (Dip C P C)
    389706_103971909738537_1032569029_nIt is designed to equip those who wish to participate effectively in the healing ministry of the church through theologically and psychologically sound training in counseling. The course aims to provide an understanding of healing and wholeness from a Christian perspective; to provide an awareness of and sensitivity to the various areas of need for healing; to impart skills in Pastoral care and counseling; to enable the development of attitudes and sensitivity to relate oneself in depth to those in need and to help, recognize and utilize the spiritual resources in counseling. It is one year’s programme.